Chris – Being a Mentor

I started working with LAT as a volunteer mentor in August 2015. I am currently doing a degree with the OU and realised that even when I finish my degree I will be lacking in relevant experience to enable me to move into a career in this area. I also wanted to put some of the theories that I have researched and worked on, in to practice and see how the offending system works in a real life scenario.

With LAT you aren’t just working with offenders, you work with young people who may be at risk of becoming young offenders and this is so important, we are playing a positive part in society to try and reduce the risks of these young people offending, but also providing them with the necessary structure to ensure they reach their full potential.

The thing I enjoy most about this role is watching the young person develop life skills and confidence to go on and achieve things that they may not have even thought was possible.