William – Mentoring Case Study

Nick was matched with William, a 17 year old Youth Offending Service client who had committed sexual offences and had been released from a Detention and Training Unit. William had lost all his friends as a result of his offence and period in custody and was extremely isolated and had no confidence. He would only go in to the local town with his mum and was too anxious to get public transport, assuming everyone would be taking about him. William met with his mentor almost every week for a period of 5 months.

They started off meeting to a coffee shop, where William’s mum would drop him off and pick him up again. They then started going into the local shops, registering William at the library and started to look at work opportunities. William made friends with some local shopkeepers who share his passion for gaming and animals.

After several months, William felt capable of getting the bus to meet with Nick which was a huge milestone. He has now turned 18 and was pleased to tell Nick that he had walked to the local pub to meet his friends for a drink. William he feels that Nick gave him more support than most of his family, and that his social anxiety is no more, and he feels he has benefited hugely from the mentoring relationship.