Carl – Early Days Support

Carl had never been in prison before and has Asperger’s Syndrome. Carl’s SPARC Practitioner explained a little bit about prison and ensured that the prison were aware that Carl may need some additional support to understand what was happening. With Carl’s agreement they also contacted Carl’s Mum. She had been in court so she knew the outcome of the case but nothing else. The SPARC Practitioner spent time explaining to Carl’s Mum which prison he would go to, about visits, phone calls letters and about the support available through the FIRST Centre at HMP Lincoln. She explained a little more about Carl’s needs and commented that it seemed that prison was not as bad as she thought it might be. The following day the Practitioner visited Carl to check he had everything he needed and showed him round the wing. With his permission she introduced him to an LAT Peer Mentor. The Peer Mentor and his cellmate invited Carl to join them for Tea and said they would be there if he had any questions. A few days later, Carl’s Mum visited him. She told the FIRST centre staff that although he had told staff he was doing OK he had told her that he was still struggling to find his way and had not yet made a phone call since his initial reception phone call. The FIRST Centre shared this with SPARC who went to Carl’s wing and spoke to the Supervising Officer (SO) about the difficulties Carl may be having. The SO sensitively ensured all the staff were aware of Carl’s situation and arranged for a trained Buddy to help him throughout his stay.