Dean – SPARC Impact on Safer Custody

Dean was extremely upset when he was told he would be going to prison. During his keep safe interview he said that he did not know where his dog had gone as she had been with him when he was arrested. While Dean was still in the court cells, the SPARC Practitioner established that his dog was safe and being cared for at a local kennels. This settled Dean a little but he was still distressed and a suicide and self harm form had been completed for him in the court cells and on arrival in prison, an ACCT book was opened. The following day, the SPARC Practitioner attended Dean’s ACCT review. The Case Manager established that Dean’s reason for living was his dog. Over the following weeks, the SPARC Practitioner arranged foster care for Dean’s dog, helped him get his bedroom tax bill overturned and supported him to end his tenancy correctly so that he did not have additional charges to pay. She also liaised with Dean’s Auntie at his request. She was unable to visit but assisted in looking after his belongings for him. Dean kept in touch with the kennels who cared for his dog during his stay in prison and knowing she was cared for allowed him to engage in his sentence plan. He detoxed from alcohol, engaged with the mental health team and achieved his IT and Maths courses while in prison and shortly after release and with help from his Offender Manager, he was accommodated with his dog. He has not returned to prison since and it is now 2 years since his release.