George – SPARC’s Resettlement Work

George had been in trouble a couple of times before but had never been to prison. When his SPARC Practitioner first saw him in the court cells after he had been sentenced, she provided information to George about what prison would be like. She also discovered that his main worry was housing. He was from outside of Lincoln and had nowhere to live. She immediately reassured him that she would help him to try to resolve this. During his sentence, George’s SPARC Practitioner researched housing options in his home town and supported George to apply to appropriate places. A supported housing provider travelled to Lincoln to interview George and told him immediately that he had been accepted. George also updated his CV and registered with an employment agency that works in partnership with the prison with the help of SPARC. His Practitioner also established what George’s status was with the local authority so that he had a plan for long term housing, after supported accommodation. George was released from custody on New Years Eve and went straight to his new accommodation. He was also able to re charge his mobile phone in the departure lounge in case he needed to ring the housing provider on his way.