Jim – SPARC Diversionary and Resettlement Work

Jim was offered support while he was waiting to go to court and said he was struggling with housing and also wanted his community mental health team to know where he was. The SPARC Practitioner contacted Jim’s CPN and advised her where he was. The CPN said she and her colleagues had been trying to support Jim with housing but he was very chaotic and would not engage for long enough to complete the applications. While in the court cells, Jim and the Practitioner managed to complete the forms. He was released from court and his CPN was updated with what applications had been made so that progress could continue. Unfortunately Jim continued to have some difficulties and his CPN was unable to make much progress with the accommodation applications before Jim returned to Court a few weeks later. On this occasion, he was given a prison sentence. The SPARC Practitioner made contact with the CPN again and liaised with her team throughout Jim’s stay in prison. Jim also agreed he would like a mentor on release to help him get settled. Through joint working with SPARC, Jim’s CPN and release mentor, Jim secured his own accommodation on release. On the day of his release, the mentor met Jim in the departure lounge and travelled with him to his home town to move into his new property. The release mentor stayed with him all day and at the end of the day, Jim commented that this was the first release day he had ever managed to not use drugs on. It has not been completely smooth for Jim and he has returned to court on one occasion but he is still out of prison and still in his accommodation.