Liam – SPARC’s Resettlement Work

Liam was sentenced to custody after breaching a suspended sentence. In Court he was referred to the substance misuse team and worked with them throughout his sentence. Liam was concerned about his housing as he had previously been living with his family but they would not allow him back after prison. He was also concerned about returning to the same area of his home town and getting in with peers who were a negative influence on him. Liam and his SPARC Practitioner made housing applications to his home town. A housing provider travelled to Lincoln to interview him in the prison. Liam also expressed concern that he may have a further charge. Liam’s SPARC Practitioner liaised with his solicitor over a number of weeks and eventually was able to tell Liam that the charge had been dropped. The housing provider accepted Liam but it was looking like they would not have an available bed for his release day. Liam and his SPARC Practitioner were very disappointed but started to make alternative plans for his to stay elsewhere until the bed was available. However, the SPARC Practitioner kept in touch with the housing provider on an almost daily basis, in case anything changed. The day before Liam’s release, their new accommodation was ready and they offered him a room. Liam moved into new accommodation with the supported housing provider in a quiter area, away from his old associates.