Matt – Early Days Support

Matt was remanded into prison on a Friday afternoon. Matt was very upset and angry about this. SPARC completed his keep safe interview and established that the cause of his concern was that his family had no idea where he was. Matt was informed that he would be offered a phone call in reception but that this would be quite short so if he preferred SPARC could contact his family also with Matt wanted. After checking there were no contact restrictions, the SPARC Practitioner contacted Matt’s family. They advised what had happened, where he would be and provided information about visits, keeping in contact and postal orders. Before Matt left the court cells to travel to the prison, the Practitioner was able to revisit Matt and tell him that she had spoken with his family. He was much more relaxed. By the time the SPARC Practitioner revisited Matt on Monday, his family already had a visit booked and had sent him a postal order. He said that he had been in prison in other parts of the country and had never received support like he did in court and that he thought everyone should have it.