Robert – SPARC’s Resettlement Work

Robert had been in and out of prison and squatting in a flat for a few years. He was not always willing to engage with support agencies and could be quite mistrustful of staff. On this occasion, he was given a very short sentence which meant he was only in prison for less than 2 weeks. His SPARC Practitioner used their time in court, during the keep safe interview to start to try and gain Robert’s trust. She referred him for an adult social care assessment and upon re-visiting him the next day in prison, started to discuss his housing situation. Robert had already been declined or banned by the housing providers in Lincoln. She spoke to him about another option outside of Lincoln. Robert agreed to give it a go so she supported him to make the application. Robert’s SPARC Practitioner also offered him the support of a mentor on release which he agreed to. His mentor came and met him in the prison a few days before release. The mentor met Robert in the departure lounge on his release day and travelled with him to his housing appointment. Robert was immediately accepted and moved in. He is still in the accommodation and still working with his mentor.