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Lincolnshire Action Trust was established in 2000 and works with a variety of agencies within the criminal justice system to reduce re-offending by working with individuals to address some of the issues and challenges which have resulted in their sentence.

The charity offers a range of training opportunities and employment support to prepare people for their release.  Additional key services are also offered to their families and dependants, both during their time in prison and following their release.

The Trust delivers programmes from a number of settings within the justice system, from HMPPS' CFO3 in a number of local prisons and across Lincolnshire, to our 'Departure Lounge' offering support to prisoners, and their families, at the point of release from HMP Lincoln, to projects like Young Oasis which helps young people living with a parent or guardian with a drug or alcohol addiction.

In November 2015 Lincolnshire Action Trust merged with the families’ drug and alcohol support service Oasis.

Oasis, which was also established in Lincoln in 2000, was set up by two families who turned to each other for advice when they realised there was no provision in place to support the relatives of drug addicts and alcoholics.  In recent years Lincolnshire Action Trust signposted families of individuals involved in the criminal justice system to Oasis for support and guidance and the working relationship between the two organisations grew naturally ahead of the merger in 2015.

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