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If your client may be sentenced or remanded to prison from court, here is some information that it is useful for them/their family to know:

Things they should take with them:

Phone numbers of anybody they would like to be able to ring from the prison – written down on paper, rather than on a mobile phone.

Addresses of anyone they wish to write to from the prison, or anyone they will want to visit them.

Full name and date of birth of anyone they want to visit them

Any prescriptions they currently have, or medication (this should be in its original packaging with all labelling to include their name and GP).

Small amount of cash (e.g. £20-£30) for phone credit and extra toiletries/snacks.


Things they should not bring with them:

Toiletries – any that are taken are likely to be disposed of on arrival

Food – any that is taken is likely to be disposed of on arrival

Large amounts of cash – convicted clients can only spend £15.50 per week.

Spare clothing – People are only allowed to take their boxers and socks into the prison, they will be given sets of clothing by the prison.  All personal clothing will be placed in storage.  If your client is on remand, they may have clothing sent in by a family member/friend, or have clothing brought in on a visit by prior application in the prison only.  Convicted clients cannot have their own clothing brought in.

Unmarked medication – this is likely to be disposed of on arrival.

Vapes - this is likely to be disposed of on arrival.  A vaping pack can be provided.  All prisons are 'smoke free' therefore cigarettes and other smoking items are not permitted.


Any mobile phones or other valuables such as bank cards, keys and wallets will be placed in secure storage.


Phone calls

Each person arriving at the prison is offered a 2 minute phone call in reception on the day they arrive. This could be quite late in the evening, depending on what time they arrive at the prison.  It is helpful for families to have a pen and paper to hand to write down your client’s prison number.  Your client will then need to complete a PIN phone request to add numbers to their account.  This is usually done as part of the prison induction.  Phone numbers take approximately 2-3 days to be activated.


Other ways to keep in touch

Family and friends can also keep in touch using e-mail: and Prison Voicemail  Please note that most but not all prisons operate these services.



Anyone concerned for the safety of a prisoner should contact the relevant prison via the safer custody phone number for that prison.

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