LAT Given Special Recognition by HMiP

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LAT Given Special Recognition in Latest HMiP Report of HMP Lincoln  

Today (15th April 2020),  Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons for England and Wales (HMiP) published its latest inspection report on HMP Lincoln, following an unannounced visit to the prison in December 2019 and in January this year.

We are pleased to announce that LAT’s long-standing relationship with HMP Lincoln has been recognised in five of the “examples of good practice” mentioned throughout the report.

The latest inspection report states that HMP Lincoln was ensuring reasonably good outcomes, in most areas and that improvement was clearly evident following the previous inspection in 2017.

While stating that Lincoln is now a much safer prison, the report highlighted LAT as a very impressive partner to the prison, praising the support we provide for people in the criminal justice system to maintain contact with their children and families, as well as the support we give in the early days of custody and when they are released from prison.

We are delighted that LAT has been given notable recognition in five key areas, including:

The inspectors praised the risk assessment processes that are in place at the prison for newly arrived prisoners and felt these are strengthened by our Supporting People After Remand or Conviction (SPARC) project. As part of this, LAT staff identify vulnerable people at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court to provide them with an opportunity to disclose any information or risks in confidence which they may not have shared with prison staff. LAT staff are then able to share any safeguarding concerns with prison officers in an attempt to address their needs before arrival.

Rehabilitation and release planning:
LAT has been praised for ensuring prisoners were able to maintain contact with their children and families through valued family days and a parenting course. In the report, inspectors stated that our Departure Lounge remains an excellent initiative, providing immediate practical support for prisoners as they are released.

Early days in custody:
Our Supporting People After Remand Conviction (SPARC) project was described by the inspectors as innovative and a particularly impressive element of the thorough risk and needs assessment process, which involves identifying vulnerable people at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court and notifying the prison of their needs before arrival.

Children and families and contact with the outside world:
The inspection report identified that LAT has delivered a wide range of services to support prisoners and their families, including valued family days which 49 prisoners had attended in the previous six months, and a regular ‘Being a Dad’ parenting course, which 23 prisoners had completed in the same period.
Within the report, the inspection team praised the support we provide for prisoners from their arrival through to their release and stated that our Departure Lounge service was a welcoming space where prisoners and their friends and families could be reunited.

Release planning:
On the day of the inspection, officers were able to see the Departure Lounge which is described as “an excellent initiative”, providing immediate practical support for prisoners as they are released.
Peter Clarke, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, said: “LAT workers met all prisoners as they left the prison, offering the facility to recharge mobile phones, make tea and toast, and obtain clothing. The design of the lounge helped prisoners to adjust to their release and manage the contrast between prison life and the community. It was a good venue for agencies to see prisoners on the day of release and do some innovative work with them.”

We’re delighted to have been recognised in the report, which you can read in full here.

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