What you can take with you to prison

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The main things that you will find it useful to bring with you are:

  • Money
  • Contact details for family and friends.

If you have any money with you when you attend court, this will be put on a prison account for you and you can use it on your weekly ‘canteen’ for phone credit, tobacco and extra snacks and toiletries.  It is useful for you to bring money with you to court for this reason but if you don’t have any, you will be paid a little money in prison anyway.  If you are convicted, you will only be able to spend £15.50 per week on your canteen.

You cannot take tobacco or toiletries into the prison with you.  If you have any, these will be disposed of in Reception.  If you have a mobile phone, wallet, keys or any other valuables, these will be stored securely in your valuables box in the prison.  The only thing you will be able to take into the main prison with you is your underwear and shoes.  You will be given fresh clothing on arrival at the prison and the clothes you are wearing will be stored for you and returned on your release.  If you are on unconvicted remand, you are allowed to wear your own clothes in the prison but you will need to put in an application to Reception to get permission for a friend or family member to bring these in on a visit.

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