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Call us on 01522 806611 or e-mail us at hello@LATcharity.org.uk

Lincolnshire Action Trust has worked in Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas since 2000 to reconnect offenders with their communities.

Our work is focused on the care, resettlement and rehabilitation of offenders and those at risk of offending as well as the welfare of their families and dependants.

We aim to provide training opportunities and key life skills to offenders and those at risk of offending, helping individuals to find work and somewhere to live, and provide the support necessary to continue their rehabilitation.

LAT’s vision is that all offenders should be treated with respect, empowered to achieve their full potential and given equality of opportunity. We design and deliver a range of interventions to support this vision.

All of our work is based on our five core values:

Achievement – To achieve the best outcome for others and myself. Empowerment – to give power to individuals and encourage them to increase their confidence. Inspiration – To positively motivate and influence others. Quality – to work to the highest standards at all times. Respect – To be respectful and considerate to others


Cutting Re-offending Rates Through Employment

by Alison Goddard, Chief Executive Lincolnshire Action Trust. Last week I was pleased to hear that Virgin boss Richard Branson had announced the successful employment …

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